KRISTA KHATIR ZHODDIO (Couples for Christ)

Couples for Christ (Krista Khatir Zhoddio) began as a Moment in 1981 in Manilr, Philippines. C.F.C believe that for us the call to love one another is a call to be a missionary community.

  • They are an evangelistic and missionary community of lay faithful that wont towards the disciplining of families but function along side of the church, and local parishes.

*C.F.C provides a support system of pastoral care and brotherhood when members support each other to gain the most out of life and yet on the right path as individuals as couples and as families.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday : 9:30 am. to 12:30 pm.; 3:00 pm. to 5:00 pm.
Saturday : 9.30 am. to 12.30 pm.

Sunday : Closed

Liturgy Schedule

Weekdays – 7:00 am.

Saturday – 6:30 pm.

Sundays – 6:00 am, 7:15 am, 8:30 am (Children’s mass) 

Zuari Chapel – 7:15 am.(Sunday) 

Contact Us


+91 8322218613


+91 9130588567

Address: St. Andrew Church, Goa-Velha, Goa , Tiswadi, North-Goa, India.